RIP AJ …. Something I wrote at 2am a fews days ago

October 5, 2009

Good Morning America its almost 3 am on saturday morning and Its go hard for me to say this. Man I just need a second to get myself together. I…we… just found out that Kandi Buress, from The real housewives of atlanta…the lead singer of Escape, a pioneer that paved the way for people like us… her Fiance ,AJ,was murdered tonight. A fight broke out at Body Tap a few hours ago and died from injuries. You, know we as men, as black men.. have got to stop this madness. When I was alittle boy we use to look up to the big boys and dream big ’bout being grown.
So Ima ask yall this question: If we keep killing us..each other, who or what kinda person will they wanna grow up to be?



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